Set Double UAE

As low as AED1,024.10 As low as AED1,078.00


Set Single UAE

As low as AED710.60 As low as AED748.00


Set Kids UAE

As low as AED568.10 As low as AED598.00

Individual Encasings


Care instructions for Encasing covers

When taking off the ALLERGOCOVER® encasings, the air will again be contaminated with allergens from mattres, duvet and pillow. Thus we recommend to only wash the covers in case of heavy staining and soiling. Thanks to its sleek surface, it suffices in most cases to wipe the encasing with a wet cloth and mild soap. ALLERGOCOVER® is machine-washable at 60°C. Use a light detergent to keep the microfibre soft and smooth.

ALLERGOCOVER® is suitable for spin washing and tumble drying. Before washing please turn the covers inside out and make sure the zipper is closed. As the fabric air dries quickly, it is ready to be used again the same day.

-washable at 60°C
-suitable for spinning
-suitable for tumble drying (on the lowest setting)
-suitable for ironing (on the lowest setting)